Meet the founder of Smart Generation.  

Sofie Källström has a passion for female entrepreneurship and isn’t shy of a challenge. She specializes in business areas that are facing a generational change and is not afraid of thinking outside the box. The thought of moving traditional companies stuck in there ways into the future motivates her.

Sofie is driven by being able to reinvest and help other entrepreneurs succeed. Starting her own entrepreneurial journey at only 12 years old, she reflects and thinks of the opportunities that could of been if someone would have reached out to her earlier on. In the future she sees herself being able to reach out and lend that helping hand to others.

For now she is busy leading the winds of change in several conservative industries by adding some energy and spice. And most definitely paving the way for progress and growth that will impact large parts of modern community structures.

Team Smart Generation

Sofie Källström, CEO

Silva Pilarv, Finance & Business Development